by Koboloris

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2016 remastered re-release of our debut EP


released August 31, 2012



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Koboloris England, UK

Koboloris is a two-man band, hailing from Yorkshire, influenced by the second wave of 90's Black Metal, bands such as Emperor, Satyricon and Limbonic Art, but with an appreciation of other genres, notably Death Metal.

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Track Name: Malign Inspiration
Despotic thorns,
forced into cranium.

Liquid revulsion,
born into cold eye sockets.

Chosen legions,
answer no atonement for existence, unless with wrath.

Through eyes so dead to pain,
insatiable violent truth burns,
hungers for the sanctimonious.
Track Name: Obscure Schemes of Dominance
Origins so silent,
belie an ancient strength,
until awakened from slumber.

Rebellion, lies dormant in the mind,
suppressed by only lies.

Ahead is a great enemy,
bound in chains of malignant piety,
like a war mark.

Wingless vultures.

Their affront to reverence is a dull, twisted vein,
plague of our time - obscure schemes of dominance.

Enthrone the human spirit,
dark and unchained,
in all its ugliness and glory,
when wolves run amok among the sheep.

Obscure schemes of dominance.
Track Name: Woods of Kobolorum
Desolate place, free from humanity
sons of a misathropic domain,
raise icons to skies aflame.

I behold their presence
between the trees,
those that dwell within,
ghosts of mist and cold earth.

Shrouded in black,
in a trance,
in Woods of Kobolorum.

Trickery in their deathly dance,
in woods of doom.

Dark majestic forest,
where only shadows reign ,
emptiness of mind and purity of spirit.

They lurk among the fog
to watch my every move,
those that dwell within,
ghosts of mist and cold earth.

Shrouded in black,
in a trance,
in Woods of Kobolorum.

Trickery in their, deathly dance
in woods of doom.
Track Name: Astral Gate to the Infernal
On the edge of the sky,
worthless dust among the cosmic infinity.

No heaven here,
but the grandeur of pure suffocating death.

Reaching to outer dimensions, seeking answers and origins,
what we found in this birthplace of horrors,
redefines inner hell.

Extinction gestates in the darkness,
are these the answers you sought?
Is this what you wanted?